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Alex Caulfield & Regina Fulcher

Your Certified & Insured Mobile Detailers


(209) 684-3144


Please contact us directly for all bookings and quotes

About Us

Alex's Detailing is headquartered out of Stockton, CA and services all the surrounding cities providing professional mobile detailing services. Our detailing van is fully equipped and outfitted with everything needed to provide your vehicle with the finest professional detailing services. 


We are locally owned, licensed, insured, and trained. Regina & Alex have a triple certification (CD-SV, MC) from the International Detailing Association (IDA), including a hands-on Skills Validated designation & Marine Certification. Regina & Alex graduated from Detailing Success taught by Renny Doyle - Detailer of Air Force One. Meaning we are licensed and trained at the highest possible level of professional detailing. We care deeply about furthering our education and staying up to speed with all the latest trends in detailing techniques and technology.  

Our Vision

We aim to be the top detailing service in Stockton and nearby areas, offering excellent customer service, quality detailing, and protective coatings. We treat our customers like family and every vehicle as our own. Our goal is to exceed expectations with exceptional results and attention to detail.

With expertise, passion, and dedication, we strive to set the highest standard in automotive detailing. We aim to be the go-to service for individuals and businesses, continually improving our techniques and staying updated with industry advancements and furthering our education.

We focus on creating a welcoming, customer-centric environment built on trust and professionalism. We also commit to sustainable practices using eco-friendly products to minimize our environmental impact.

At Alex's Detailing, our overall vision is to be recognized as the benchmark of excellence in the industry. We will achieve this by delivering unparalleled service, building lasting relationships with customers, and contributing to our local community's growth.

To provide outstanding customer service, high quality detailing services and long term ceramic coatings. We believe in old fashioned excellent customer service, treat our customers like family and each and every vehicle like our own.

"We take pride in your ride!"

Our Mission

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Regina Fulcher Test Spots


Alex Caulfied Headlight Resoration
Alex Caulfield Reflection Board
Alex Caulfield Porsche Wheel Cleaning
Stockton Chamber of Commerce
Detailing Success Alumni
International Detailing Association
IDA Marine Certification
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